Academic Guidance And Support Services

Academic Guidance

How do I........

Studies show that many students don't know how to take notes or study for tests. We will teach your student the following skills to ensure yearly academic success:

• Note-taking
• Test taking strategies
• Study Skills
• Classroom presentation


Special Education Packet

Special education regulations, national, and state laws change frequently and can be quite confusing. Let us be your child's advocate. We will attend your student's IEP meetings and advocate on his/her behalf. Working closely with school administrators, counselors, teachers, and psychologists to help your student succeed in high school, get into college, and connect your student with programs that provide services for students with disabilities at their chosen college campus. Overall, your student will receive the following:

• Advocacy
• Interest inventory assessment
• College application assistance
• College Entrance Essay
• Transition to college services for disabled students
• FAFSA application
• Vocational/Trade school information

Get Me Into College

Get Me Into College

We use a proven holistic approach to get your student into college. A 1 hour meeting is facilitated at which time your student will be given a pre-survey and interest inventory assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses, college majors, and career interests. Also included is assistance with the following:

• College application
• College Entrance Essay
• Scholarship template letter
• FAFSA application
• Interest Inventory Assessment
• Time management skills
• Note-taking skills that work
• Productive study skills
• Campus tour appointments
• Locate community service sites


Student Athletes: NCAA And NAIA

Students who participate in athletics have very demanding schedules that include time in class, homework assignments, study time, socializing, and attending practices in their chosen sport.

• Meet with school counselor to ensure student is meeting NCAA and NAIA Clearinghouse Guidelines
• Scholarship search and essay preparation
• College application
• FAFSA application
• Interest inventory assessment
• Study skills to fit their busy lives
• Time management skills


ACT and SAT Information Sessions

In-depth informational session regarding the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Your student will learn strategies to alleviate anxiety, improve test scores, and how to identify which test to take.

• Study skills
• Test taking strategies
• Scores and what they mean
• Differences between tests
• Importance of study groups
• Resources that assist in paying for testing fee

Develop and maintain social relationships

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

( Includes assessment, review report & goal setting; must be age 16 and over)

The Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we:

• Perceive and express ourselves
• Develop and maintain social relationships
• Cope with challenges
• Use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way

It is a predictor of success in life, school, and work.

Impact of Divorce

Psychoeducational Counseling Services  

Group sessions consist of 8 -12 individuals with topics consisting to, but not limited to:

• Academic Success
• Crisis Intervention
• Academic Transitional Services (middle school to high school; high school to college).
• Impact of Divorce
• Gang Issues
• Domestic Violence
• Self-Esteem
• Co-dependency