CodependencyCodependency is established behaviors that are ultimately self-destructive. Codependent people tend to have low self-worth, blame themselves for everything, feels anxious and even guilty when another has a problem, repress their own needs and desires and feels responsible for other people, and frequently worry that people are talking about them or are not talking about them, and lose sleep due to worry over the slightest things.

•Do you find yourself trying to control events and people through helplessness,
   guilt, coercion, threats, advice-giving, manipulation, or domination?
•Are you someone who ignores problems or pretend they do not exist?
•Are you a controlling person or a workaholic?
•Do you have poor boundaries?
•Do you say things that you don't mean?
•Do you allow people to hurt you over and over and over again?

Do you have issues with any of the following?

√ controlling behavior
 avoidance of feelings
 intimacy problems 
 caretaking behavior
 hyper vigilance (a heightened awareness for potential threat/danger)


Upon completion you learn that: 

 To take responsibility for your own actions, issues, feelings, behaviors, and life.
 Recognize your codependent qualities and behaviors, and make a conscious decision to change.
 Happiness is inside of us, not something outside.
 One person does not make a relationship .
Address your own needs before meeting the needs of others.


Focus on your own problems: 

 A good relationship is good, not because of the person we love, but because of the person. we are.
 Learn to accept powerlessness over people and events by letting go of the need to control people.